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Corporate Accounting
6013 West Bluemound Road
Milwaukee, WI 53213
Office: (414) 258-2275
FAX: (414) 918-8886
(Accounting Questions Only Please)
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    » For a one-page printout of all our retail locations, click here

    » Our Corporate headquarters and central manufacturing facility are located in Shorewood, Wisconsin.

    » Vendors that sell products to MPC are requested to fill out the W-9 form, sign and date it, and fax it to 414-918-8886

    » Exempt customers need to submit a new S-211 Form each year.

    » Business seeking credit terms need to fill out the credit application and fax it to the store you wish credit at.  The fax number is located in the one-page printout and on the individual store web pages.

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